At NZ Cloud Services, we believe that the customer comes first.  As a result, we’ve developed policies over the years that deal with complaints made to us regarding domains and hosted content.

In the interest of transparency, we’re proud to provide a summary of how we deal with trademark and copyright complaints, and what we do to make sure our customers come first.

  1. If we receive a DMCA notice from a copyright holder, here’s what we’ll do:
    1. Make sure the notice is DMCA-compliant;
    2. Forward that notice to you, the user, and make it clear how to proceed;
    3. Restrict access temporarily to the disputed content only, and not your entire site;
    4. Give you the opportunity to counter-notice the DMCA notice and provide a clear procedure to do so (link to procedure);
    5. Restore any disputed works promptly upon counter-notice;
    6. Ensure that if you’ve counter-noticed a DMCA in reference to specific works, that those works are not counted as previous infringements (repeat infringement)
  2. If we receive a trademark complaint from a trademark holder, here’s what we’ll do:
    1. Require valid and formal notice of a trademark complaint;
    2. Forward the complaint to you, the user, and make it clear how to proceed;
    3. Ensure our legal department reviews the complaint first vs. using an automated system;
    4. Refrain from taking any action in reference to trademark complaints alone (i.e. with no court order), and encourage the parties to resolve the dispute amongst themselves;
  3. At NZ Cloud Services, we’re committed to transparency in our dealings with our users, their domains and their hosted content.  As a result, starting in Q3 of 2014, we will publish a summary of the copyright and trademark complaints we’ve received each quarter.  We’ll update this information within 60 days of the end of each calendar quarter.
    Quarter TM (range) DMCA (range)
    Q3 2014 1-1000 1-1000